In the past several weeks, OneCare failed at least one independent anti-malware software test.  Further the fact that it “eats” Outlook files was revealed.  Although Microsoft is providing updates to deal with the Outlook issues, it still doesn’t appear to be the right choice for anyone who actually wants to protect her computer. 

According to a ZDNet interview with Microsoft at the CeBIT show in Hanover, “…a senior manager [Arno Edelmann] for the software giant said that its consumer security product is far from perfect and that pieces are actually ‘missing'” (Tom Espiner, “Microsoft: OneCare should not have been rolled out“, ZDNet UK, 16 March 2007)

This doesn’t bode well for Microsoft who is trying desparately to position itself as the defender of your data–or is it?  Edelmann is also quoted as saying that, “Microsoft is not a security company.  Security is important, but it’s just a little part of Microsoft” (Espiner, 2007). 

Hmm… If Microsoft is promising to build EFFECTIVE security into every product, I would think that security would be a BIG part of Microsoft’s product management efforts.