Microsoft analyst call: What Microsoft's new cross-platform model means for customers

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Microsoft has abandoned its Windows-first strategy and becoming a cross-platform software and services company. During this previously-recorded analyst call, Mary Jo Foley and Bill Detwiler discuss how this monumental shift will affect current and future Microsoft customers.

Microsoft's rallying cry not so long ago was "Windows first, Windows best." But the new "cloud first/mobile first" Microsoft is now a cross-platform company, where software and services increasingly are introduced first for non-Windows platforms, and many times work better on those platforms than they do on Windows.

During a March 23rd, 2015 TechPro Research call, long-time Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley and Bill Detwiler discussed how Microsoft's new cross-platform emphasis is affecting Microsoft, its partners, its competitors and its customers. Foley discusses:

  • Why Microsoft is going cross-platform these days
  • What kinds of products and services Microsoft has developed and is developing for iOS, Mac OS, Android and Linux users
  • What Microsoft's cross-platform push means for Windows and Windows Phone
  • How Microsoft's new cross-platform charter maps to its "productivity and platforms" charter
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