Beyond the new features, security updates, and its platform-unifying design, Windows 10 marks a significant shift in how Microsoft’s characterizes its flagship operating system. Microsoft is encouraging people to think of Windows 10 more as a “service” than a traditional piece of purchased software.

Whether you’ve been testing Windows 10 as an Insider or just now looking at it, Mary Jo Foley has the answers to the questions enterprise IT pros and power users have about Microsoft latest (and perhaps last numbered) Windows version. In this line, one-hour analyst call, Foley and Tech Pro Research Managing Editor Bill Detwiler discuss the following:

  • What’s new in Windows 10–from new features, security updates, and a UI for every device?
  • What does “Windows 10 as a service” really mean?
  • What are all these “service branches” I keep hearing about?
  • How many Windows 10 Editions are there, and which one is right for me?
  • Is Windows 10 really free and how can I get it?
  • When should people migrate to Windows 10?