Microsoft and Yahoo join forces

Microsoft and Yahoo have united this week to jointly battle Google, and Mozilla revealed plans to make Firefox look more like Chrome.

Microsoft and Yahoo have united this week to jointly battle Google. The deal will see Microsoft's Bing take over search, while Yahoo will be in charge of advertising for both companies. Neither Yahoo7 or ninemsn would comment on how this will affect their operations.

After the release of Cupcake in May, Donut is next on the menu for the Google Android team. The next version of the Android mobile operating system will feature support for the CDMA networks and universal search.

Mozilla has released a developer guide for Firefox 3.6 listing the features that are expected to make it to the next iteration of its browser. As far as the interface is concerned, Firefox could end up looking a lot like Chrome in versions 3.7 and 4.0.

At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas a browser-based darknet called Veiled was unleashed, which unlike the other darknets is much simpler to set up. Meanwhile, problems with SSL and DNS revealed that they could allow hackers to attack users by mimicking a website. To add drama to the event, hackers targeted some of conference speaker's websites.

In other news, Microsoft has opened up its Windows Mobile app store, accepting submissions from developers from 29 countries.

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Finally, we announced the winner of the Netspace's green box caption contest.

-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic.