Microsoft keeps trying to dance with Yahoo, but Jerry Yang seems determined to go to the prom stag. In their latest refusal, Yahoo decided against selling their search business to Microsoft, months after refusing Microsoft’s overtures to purchase the whole company. Of course, there is still plenty of speculation that Microsoft will “sweeten its previous offer” in order to instantly become the number two player in the advertising and search market.

Yahoo and Microsoft: Is It on Again? (

Yahoo may be forced to do something major in the near future as their stock price has tumbled back to near the level  it was before Microsoft announced their intention to acquire Yahoo months ago. In addition, Yahoo executives, including the leaders of their e-mail, messaging, and search divisions, have left the company, bringing the number of executives to leave the company in recent months to about 50. All of this has overshadowed a deal between Yahoo and Google that will add between $250 and $450 million to Yahoo’s bottom line.

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It certainly seems like Yahoo needs to do something to save themselves from being marginalized into nonexistence. It seems likely that the shareholders might have reason to elect at least the minority board that Carl Icahn has hinted he may put up at the meeting in July. It certainly seems to me that Yahoo might be better off accepting Microsoft’s overtures as I have not seen a lot of direction from Yahoo in quite some time. What moves, if any, do you think Yahoo will make before their annual shareholder’s meeting on August 1?