Microsoft announces Build 2018 will take place May 7-9 in Seattle

Microsoft Build is one of the most important events on the IT calendar each year. This year's conference will take place in May, with registration starting on February 15.

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In early 2018, TechRepublic published a list of Microsoft conferences to be held during the year. The notable exception to the that list was Build 2018. It was notable because Build, perhaps more than any other conference, is where Microsoft sells the benefits of its product line to enterprise developers and enterprise forward-thinkers. When it comes to growth, they are Microsoft's most important customers.

On February 8, 2018, Microsoft finally fixed the oversight by announcing that Build 2018 would take place on May 7-9, 2018, in Seattle, WA. Additional information like the specific venue and a list of scheduled demos remain oddly vague, so one would assume that some of the details are still being tied down. Registration for Build 2018 will begin on February 15.

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Build 2018

From Microsoft's perspective, the annual Build conference is the single best opportunity to get developers and other enterprise shakers excited about Microsoft products and what those products can do for their enterprise operations. Microsoft uses this annual event to highlight the latest features and innovations to be found in each of its major enterprise products--Windows 10, Office 365, and Azure.

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As is traditional with Build conferences in the past, the keynote will be delivered by the company CEO, Satya Nadella and his team of product experts. The keynote address at these events is an excellent gauge of where Microsoft is focusing its considerable resources and a strong indicator of what trends we can expect to see in enterprise information technology during the next 12 months or so.

The Build website does not yet specify what products or services will be highlighted at the conference, but if Microsoft's recent acquisition strategy is any indication, it will likely focus on Azure and intelligent cloud services. Microsoft has acquired the intellectual property of several specialized cloud services companies in the past year with the intention of bringing those services under the Azure umbrella.

Of course, for Office 365 and Windows 10, new features will revolve around enterprise employee collaboration in a mobile first, cloud first workplace. Getting developers excited about creating new and better ways for employees to interact and complete tasks has been a staple of Build events for years now, and there is no indication that will change for 2018.

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Tickets go fast

While attending a Microsoft Build conference would certainly be an enlightening and entertaining experience, getting tickets is nearly impossible since the event sells out quickly each year. Fortunately, the keynote presentation and all of the breakout demos, seminars, and deep-dives will be streamed live and then made available on video after-the-fact on the Build website.

If you want to attend the event, registration starts on February 15, 2018. A full conference pass is $2,495 and provides access to all sessions, content, and the exposition hall, plus all conference meals.

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