Microsoft has announced eight new tools for developers just beginning with Microsoft 365. The news comes along with today’s start to Microsoft Build, the company’s annual developer conference.

Microsoft 365 is a business-centric combination of Windows 10, Office 365, and security software designed to be “an integrated solution that brings together best-in-class productivity tools, security and device management capabilities.”

Microsoft 365 is customizable for small businesses, enterprises, and educational applications, each of which contains different tools designed for collaboration, productivity, and security.

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The new tools, Microsoft said, were built to give developers tools to “create smarter ways for people to work,” including those that let them create custom applications for their Microsoft 365 environments to even further tailor it to their business needs.

Eight new developer tools for Microsoft 365

The eight tools Microsoft announced at Microsoft Build are said to include the following, so there may be even more hiding under the hood of a coming Microsoft 365 update. Here’s what developers can expect for now:

  • Expanded Microsoft Teams capabilities: Microsoft is adding organization-specific app support to Teams, its Slack competitor, and is changing its Teams API in Microsoft Graphs. Teams app developers can now also publish their creations to the Teams app store.
  • Deeper Teams/SharePoint integration: SharePoint pages can now be pinned directly into Teams channels, and developers will be able to add script-based frameworks to SharePoint pages to improve page organization.
  • Power BI visualization in Excel: Devs can now extend custom BI visuals into Excel.
  • Fluent Design System updates: Microsoft has updated its Fluent language to add UWP XAML Islands, which give devs access to XAML Islands regardless of UI stack.
  • Stand-alone .NET environments: .NET Core 3.0 allows developers to build .NET apps in newer versions of .NET and run them in isolated environments that don’t affect the rest of an organization’s infrastructure.
  • All-in-one containerization with MSIX: Microsoft said MSIX is a complete app containerization solution that inherits all the great features of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps while adding a managed security model, enterprise management tools, and access to the Microsoft Store.
  • Excel machine learning tools: Azure Machine Learning and custom JavaScript functions have been added to the Excel catalog of formulas.
  • Educate learning machines in the cloud, deploy locally: The new Windows Machine Learning platform will allow businesses to build and train machine learning models in the cloud to be deployed and run locally for better performance.

Microsoft Build 2018 is sure to bring more surprises for developers and runs through May 9 2018.

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