Microsoft does a Wacko Jacko

This week was dominated by Microsoft US$44 billion proposal to Yahoo but we still found time to ask Linus Torvalds some questions and wonder if Michael Jackson and Microsoft behaved more similar than you'd think.

Every other week lately has had a different corporate buyout lead it and this week continues that trend with Microsoft announcing the opening moves of its US$44 billion courtship of Yahoo.

A lot of the focus surrounding the deal has looked at the portal side of Yahoo and MSN, but what will impact developers will be what Microsoft decides to do with the numerous tools that Yahoo offers. A twist of open source and a sprinkling of support for Microsoft's competitors could make this a minefield for the would-be suitor. Yahoo continued to rollout its tools by offering a free library of Flash components.

It wouldn't instil much confidence inside Yahoo either to hear Steve Ballmer say that the problem with Vista wasn't the technology, it was the marketing of it. When I heard this, memories flashed back to Michael Jackson blaming Sony marketing for one of his later crappier records not selling enough copies, despite it having multiple covers so that true fans could buy them all to boost sales numbers.

NEC released a product this week to allow customers to downgrade machines from Vista to the back-catalogue classic XP. Seems NEC didn't get the marketing message either.

Moving away from Microsoft now, we had a number of videos with Linus Torvalds this week. First we have Torvalds talking about Linux going green, followed by his views on patents and slow storage and what would happen if he retired. Club Builder this week even got in on the act showing one of the lighter moments of the interview.