Finally, Microsoft is expanding the beta version of its content-based ad program called Content Ads to all U.S. customers. Before we go ga-ga about how the software giant is all set to challenge Google, there are few facts that take the fizz out of the speculations. For one, the ads will be displayed on select Microsoft property (Ars Technica) such as Real Estate, Money, MSN, and Windows Marketplace. Second, the ads will only expand to other “premium member sites.”

Content Ads vs. AdSense

Content Ads is Microsoft’s salvo to Google’s AdSense. The program will provide customers with Keyword-level pricing and also a choice on the different domains to advertise on. More details on the Content Ads program can be gleaned from this article at WebProNews.

Google and Microsoft have been at war; it’s enlightening to watch the battle unfold. On one side is the established leader of the software industry, and on the other you have the innovation king on the block. It’s not the first time that Microsoft has been challenged, but many speculate that this is the last time that Microsoft will emerge with its competitors vanquished (remember Netscape?).

Microsoft vs. Google

It’s a battle of controlling the domains. Microsoft rules on the desktop, and Google’s haven is the Web. But if you think that Google is ready to take on Microsoft, this article by John Milan at Read/WriteWeb is worth reading.

So, while Google is the poster boy of many innovations (at least compared to Microsoft), how do you think the future events will unfold amidst the backdrop of Microsoft’s steady moves onto the Web and the clash of the titans over the next-generation platforms i.e., mobile device?