Microsoft fixes Windows 10's Wi-Fi hotspot problems and closes app snooping loophole

The flaws and a tranche of others were resolved by three bundles of updates for Windows 10 that were pushed out yesterday.

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Microsoft has fixed a bug that left some Windows 10 users unable to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

The flaw and a tranche of others were resolved by three bundles of updates for Windows 10 that were pushed out yesterday.

The updates for versions 1803 and 1709 of Windows 10 resolve the issue of third-party applications having difficulty authenticating hotspots, introduced by an earlier update on 8th January.

However, there's no fix yet available for the problem if you updated to the latest version of Windows -- version 1809, otherwise known as the October 2018 Update -- though Microsoft says to expect one late January.

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A wide range of other fixes were made via the bundle of updates -- namely KB4480976 for Windows 10 version 1809, KB4480967 for version 1709, and KB4480959 for version 1703.

In version 1803, Microsoft has closed a loophole that allowed Microsoft Store apps retrieve any of your files from your Windows 10 PC without your consent.

Windows developer Sebastien Lachance discovered that by default Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps can access any user-accessible file on a PC's drive.

This was despite UWP apps supposedly having to check with users before accessing the file system, outside of their own local storage.

In this latest update, Microsoft resolved the problem by addressing the bug in the API's 'broadFileSystemAccess' setting.

Other issues patched in versions 1803 and 1709 include the resolution of a focus issue when typing text in web pages viewed via the Microsoft Edge web browser, the possibility of a blue screen error when a Thunderbolt storage device is attached, and users being prevented from overwriting a file in a shared folder when a filter driver was loaded.

In addition, version 1803 users get a fix that addresses an issue in which Windows Driver Frameworks caused high CPU utilization, causing the user-mode driver to stop working when the device resumed from hibernate.

You can see the full list of fixes by clicking the links above.

In recent months, Microsoft has also endured several months of negative headlines about bugs in the latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update and activation and network share errors in Windows 7 caused by errant updates.

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