Tech companies won half of the spots on Comparably 2019 Best Company Culture Awards among big companies and 60% on the small/mid-size list.

Employees at tech giants as well as smaller startups voted for their companies as a good place to work. The top-rated companies generally rated 15-30% higher in scores than the rest of the companies on the site when employees were asked questions surrounding core culture metrics.

Top 10 for big companies

The top 10 spots on the large company list are all tech companies except for four: HR services specialist ADP, staffing company Insight Global, dental practice manager Smile Brands, and Costco:

  1. Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  2. Zoom Video Communications, San Jose, CA
  3. ADP, Roseland, NJ
  4. Google, Mountain View, CA
  5. HubSpot, Cambridge, MA
  6. Insight Global, Atlanta, GA
  7. Smile Brands, Irvine, CA
  8. Costco, Issaquah, WA
  9. Qualtrics, Provo, UT
  10. T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA

Many companies on the list were like ADP, a tech-centric company that serves a particular sector. If you add those edge cases to the tech list, tech’s dominance of the culture competition is even stronger. Facebook came in at No.31, and Apple was even lower at No.42. GoDaddy just made it in at No.47.

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Each company has a scorecard page with details on how many employees voted and what they said about the company as well as a gender score and a diversity score. Microsoft employees said the leadership team “is visionary and promotes risk taking” and a long-time customer service agent said, “I worked for almost 30 years here, love the place, it just got much better with Satya as CEO, I can do another 20 years easy.”

Top 10 for small and mid-sized companies

Tech companies also won 60% of the spots in Comparably’s list of small and medium-sized companies with lots of software-as-a-service firms in the mix:

  1. Weave HQ, Lehi, UT
  2. Highspot, Seattle, WA

  3. Seismic, San Diego, CA
  4. SalesLoft, Atlanta, GA
  5. Greenhouse Software, Inc. New York City, NY
  6. CultureIQ, New York City, NY
  7. Upgrade, San Francisco, CA
  8. Automation Group, Modesto, CA
  9. CollabNet, Alpharetta, GA
  10. Culture Amp, San Francisco, CA

Weave HQ is a patient communications platform. CultureIQ and Culture Amp help companies use culture as a competitive advantage in hiring. A member of the product team said what makes her happy at Culture Amp is “purposeful work and a lot of autonomy to find creative solutions with my team.”

A company that offers a completely unplugged product showed up at No.11 on the small/mid-size list. Better Place Forests offers an alternative to a cemetery plot– space under a redwood tree for scattering an individual’s ashes. The company buys forested land and sells space under a particular tree for a family to use as a memorial site.

Comparably ranks company culture by asking employees to rate their employers anonymously. Large companies (more than 500 employees) must have at least 75 employees participate and small/mid-size companies (fewer than 500 employees) need 25 participants.Employees answered 50 questions about corporate culture and each answer received a numerical score. Additional weight was given to scores at companies with more participation from their employee base.
Comparably researches culture and compensation at American companies.

Tech companies won a majority of the spots on the 2019 Best Company Culture list among both big and small and medium-sized companies.
Image: Comparably