I love the products that the “BIG FOUR” put out but I am sick and tired of their bundling tactics. If this continues, you will lose market share. If I want a search engine toolbar, I will download and install the toolbar. If I want an instant messenger client, I will download the instant messenger client. I do not need winzip, a phone software, Google Desktop Search, Plaxo, Windvd, Winrar, etc. It is enough and very aggravating. These days toolbars and instant messenger clients are getting bundled with programs I do not want or need. You have to be very careful what you are installing these days. The uninstall of these products mysteriously fail as well. Interesting! To avoid this, simply do a custom install and read everything very carefully. And last but not least, STOP CHANGING MY DEFAULT HOME PAGE!

What do you think about the bundling of applications?