Microsoft has been accused of stealing code this week, by a microblogging start-up called Plurk. According to the company, most of its code (including the visual design) has been used in Microsoft China’s Juku service. Microsoft has apologised and removed the website, which it claims has been developed by a third party. The apology wasn’t enough to deter Plurk from considering legal action.

The government’s announcement about planned changes to the Broadcasting Services Act generated a lot of buzz this week. A mandatory internet filter will be introduced by mid 2011, a move supported by most ISPs. Will this be the end of internet porn?

Also making news, the World Wide Web Consortium is introducing a new HTML element, which will link devices such as webcams to HTML apps.

Google Wave might be the latest craze in the online world, but do the people in the real world even know what it is? We took to the Sydney streets to find out.

In feature articles, we looked at the problems with Linux documentation, the three main concepts in the Parallel Extensions library from .NET, and the top 10 new features in Exchange Server 2010.

–Posted By Lana Kovacevic.