I came across a News.com story this morning that elicited a pretty big laugh. My coworkers, who probably hear quite a sounds coming from my open cube, may have thought that I was reading a cartoon or a joke, but this story was far funnier than either of those: “Microsoft: Our engine to be better than Google soon.”

According to Neil Holloway, Microsoft’s president for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, “What we’re saying is that in six months’ time we’ll be more relevant in the U.S. market place than Google… The quality of our search and the relevance of our search from a solution perspective to the consumer will be more relevant.”

I’ve gotta give props for Microsoft for being the little engine that thought it could, but as the article also points out, “…being good is not enough to win the hearts and minds of consumers already dedicated to another standard.” That standard, like it or not, has Google written all over it. So, try as it might, I don’t think that Microsoft will be successful in its endeavor. Does anyone else have thoughts about Microsoft’s engine envy?