A quarter century of black italics, Microsoft has decided to add some colour to its logo.

The same style of colours that were in the old Windows logo, to be precise.

Microsoft’s announcement of the new logo stated that the it intends to convey the company’s diverse set of products. If you look at the video below, a quick reading takes away that the blue is for Windows, green is Xbox, orange is office and the yellow is for … everything else?

The grid layout could be an homage to the style-formerly-known-as-Metro, and it also comes with bonus grid illusion that I now cannot unsee.

Expect to see the new logo across Microsoft’s websites, marketing assets, advertising and stores, starting today.

While it is tempting to critique the logo as boring and unoriginal, a look at Microsoft’s logo history shows that the others really didn’t hit it out of the park, either.

What do you think of Microsoft’s new look?