Microsoft is preparing to release its OneNote note-taking application on the Mac this month, according to a new report from The Verge.

The application was originally released on Windows more than 10 years ago, and has never been available on the Mac. Microsoft released iOS and Android versions of OneNote previously, but has maintained a Windows-first approach for desktop machines.

With the change, The Verge says, Microsoft will be unbundling OneNote from the cost of Microsoft Office and instead offering OneNote for free. The move is apparently a shot at competitors like Evernote, as Microsoft is also adding features to compete with that popular service.

Microsoft has a new web clipping feature that will allow users to grab parts of websites directly into OneNote, and the company is reportedly creating a new browser extensions to allow clipping directly from several different web browsers. The report says OneNote users will be able to email directly to the service as a way of adding to notebooks.

Microsoft has had iPhone and iPad versions of OneNote for a while, with one review of those apps saying the biggest problem was a lack of an OS X version of the program. A review on GigaOm, comparing OneNote to Evernote, found the software “so crucial” that the only thing missing from the service was a Mac version.

I’m still floating between Evernote and OneNote. I really, really, like the OneNote iOS app. Evernote’s native OS X client also makes it attractive, but I don’t really like that client – multi-level indents are a pain the arse on the OS X version, but easily done in the iOS version. Go figure.

Evernote is a great dumping ground for my information. I can use a bookmarklet to store a web page in the note. Because of the checklist tool and the multi-level indent on OS X. I’m still not finding Evernote to be good for taking actual notes.

Microsoft has integrated OneNote with its SkyDrive online storage service, allowing users to access their notebooks from any platform. As many iPhone and iPad users also have Macs, an OS X version of OneNote would be a welcome addition to the platform.

Separately, Microsoft is readying an updated version of Office for Mac for release later this year. A company spokesperson told Macworld that Microsoft’s Mac team is “hard at work on the next version of Office for Mac”, but did not have a timeline for release. Microsoft also has had a version of Office for iPad in the works for quite a while, but there is no indication when that application suite might arrive.