As ubiquitous as Apple’s iPads and iPhones are in the hands of users, there’s no denying that a certain software suite from Microsoft is just as ubiquitous in the world of business users. As Apple makes further headway into enterprises via those popular devices, making Office apps more readily available to them would represent a great leap in convenience for many. The Verge has reported that, at last, an Office App for both iOS and Android platforms is in the offing for early 2013.

Tom Warren writes that, according to sources “close to Microsoft’s plans,”

Office Mobile will debut in the form of free apps that allow Android and iOS users to view Microsoft Office documents on the move. …

Microsoft will allow iOS users to purchase an Office 365 subscription within the app, or let organizations distribute codes to enable Office Mobile editing for users. The apps will allow for basic editing, but we’re told this won’t go very far in attempting to replace regular full use of a desktop Office version.

Will this move by Microsoft solve (or create) any support problems for your organization? Will it mean that even more employees will be making the case for bringing their iPads and iPhones into the workplace?