Microsoft is releasing the next version of its OneDrive mobile application in November, according to a Tuesday blog post. The two major updates in the pipeline are the new Mobile Capture scenarios, as well as the intelligent meeting note sharing, said the post. Additionally, the web is seeing slight updates too, with new Recent and Manage Access experiences, added the post.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s service that stores files in the cloud, offering a simple and centralized way for users to store, sync, and share files from any device. Anyone with a Microsoft account can access OneDrive for free, so it’s a great file storage option for business pros who already use Microsoft Office services.

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The first new feature rolling out in November is OneDrive’s Mobile Capture for iOS and Android. Using the Mobile Capture feature, users can scan documents, whiteboards, site visits, images and more, said the pos; users can also include custom metadata to any item they scan using the application. You begin the scan from the Library you want the file to go to, then after you finish the scan, metadata fields appear and can be edited in the app.

The other major update to the OneDrive mobile app will be meeting note sharing, said the post. If you are scanning notes from a meeting, the OneDrive app will prompt you to share the scan with other members of the meeting. The app uses Microsoft Graph to connect meeting information, files, and scans together, integrating them in a way that is efficient and beneficial to the user. This tool, in particular, is convenient for business professionals to quickly share important information with coworkers.

OneDrive web will also see a couple improvements in November. The new Recent view will be simpler, faster, and easier to use, according to the post. The new Recent page will work better with Office files, and make sure all your important files are collected in one place, added the post.

Additionally, the new Manage Access experience will help OneDrive web users view and control file access more easily, said the post. Additionally, it will be easier to add and remove individual users on different files, as well as make it more clear who has access to what links, the post added.

All of these updates will help make file management easier and better for business professionals. The scanning and notes sharing will make communication between coworkers more seamless, and the improvements to OneDrive web will make operations more user-friendly.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Microsoft OneDrive is adding Mobile Capture and meeting notes sharing to its mobile application in November, according to the company’s blog post.
  • OneDrive web will also be cleaning up its Recent view page and access management experience, said the blog post.