If you installed Office 2003 SP3 and you use Access, you should read the new kb article, Description of the Access 2003 post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package: December 18, 2007.

The hotfix fixes repairs some of the stuff SP3 broke in Access.  You can also download the hotfix from the linked article.

I can’t recommend downloading or not. At the risk of sounding melodramatic <oh my> I’m just gun shy anymore. Microsoft recommends that you download and install all updates, but honestly, if they’re going to break stuff, all I can say is download and install at your own risk. Share your experiences with us, both good and bad and I’m hopeful they’ll all be good.

And a special thanks to Steve Schapel for letting me know about the hotfix download.

Before downloading, you might tape some black tourmaline to your cpu, spread salt across all thresholds, sage your domicile, hire a feng shui expert, just to make sure your cpu with the taped on black tourmaline is in the most opportune spot for downloading and installing this hotfix, call your astrologer to make sure the stars are aligned right, take 2 aspirin, a shot of bourbon, and cross your fingers.