At the technology conference in Japan, Microsoft unveiled the Windows Embedded CE 6 R2. Features include a voice over client, an enhanced IE browser, and an updated media player.

An excerpt from VNUnet:

The updated Windows CE is a first step towards a world of smart connected devices, according to Microsoft. “Devices are all becoming connected now via IP networks, and once this happens, users want to have a connected experience,” said Ilya Bukshteyn, director of marketing for Windows Embedded. Users will expect devices to easily communicate with each other and share information, he said, such as digital cameras that can upload pictures to a PC or a digital picture frame.

The Windows CE is expected to usher in an era of smart devices with seamless peer-to-peer communication features and also support Web-based services. The connections will span over multiple devices, including PCs.

Microsoft also announced its Sparks initiative to encourage development on the Windows Embedded CE. The devices based on the platform will be available soon.

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Will the new updates greatly enhance your experience in the enterprise?