Microsoft showcases new NUIs

TechFest, Microsoft's internal even took place this week with researchers showcasing some new interfaces the company is working on.

At its internal TechFest event this week, Microsoft researchers have demonstrated a number of Natural User Interface NUI projects the company is working on, including a mobile version of Surface, Project Gustav for digital painting, and the ability to play Guitar Hero with only a wrist band to capture movement.

Google has unleashed Chrome 4.1 beta for Windows with enhanced privacy settings and a translation feature. You can now set the way your browser deals with cookies, JavaScript, plug-ins and pop-ups from specified websites. The translator feature detects if a website is not in your preferred language and gives you the option to translate it. Google Chrome dev 5.0.342.1 has also been released this week, with support for the HTML5 geolocation API.

Mozilla has released a second developer preview of Firefox, based on Gecko 1.9.3. The most noteworthy is the separation of Flash and Silverlight plug-ins from Firefox, so if they crash they won't affect the browser. This currently works in Linux and Windows only.

In other news, Microsoft has reissued the patch that triggered the Blue Screen of Death in February, and announced that it will cease support for Windows 2000 and XP Service Pack 2 in July.

In feature articles we took at look at the new features in ColdFusion 9, Linux virtual containers with LXC and WCF data services.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic