Microsoft Surface comes to Australia

Microsoft Surface finally to hit Australia, Google adds Buzz to the social networking array and more in this week's Roundup.

Australia is finally getting Microsoft Surface, the multi-touch table-top computer, which was unveiled in 2007 in the US, selling for AU$21,000. For photos from the launch event see this gallery.

Determined not to be left behind in the social media scene, Google has equipped Gmail with a new functionality named Buzz that lets users interact with contacts by sharing status updates, links, videos and photos. But do we really need another social networking service?

Visual Studio 2010 release candidate is out with the final version and is expected to be released in April. According to Microsoft, performance issues that were uncovered in beta versions have been addressed. One of the main features in the new Visual Studio is IntelliTrace, a debugging tool with recording capability.

In an attempt to battle piracy of Windows 7, Microsoft is set to release an update for the operating system later this month. The Windows Activation Technologies update will fix more than 70 hacks.

Google's decision to offer money to researchers who uncover vulnerabilities in Chrome has attracted criticism. Meanwhile three flaws have been identified in the browser, resulting in an update of Chrome for Windows. Speaking of Chrome, a new Mac version has been released with support for extensions.

In feature articles this week we looked at how to change default applications in GNOME, questions to consider before talking about clients on social media sites and why PostgreSQL is a better enterprise database than MySQ.

--Posted By Lana Kovacevic