On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new financing and management program that could make it easier for businesses of all sizes to deploy Surface devices. In an official blog post, Microsoft corporate vice president of devices marketing Liz Hamren detailed the differences in the consumer and business versions of the plan.

The two plans, Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business, are available at Microsoft.com or at Microsoft stores in the US. The plans have unique financing and services for their respective audiences.

Business customers can select from any mixture of devices from the Surface portfolio, and can fold any number of those devices into a single single agreement, the post said. Along with the Surface laptops and Surface Studio, the 55″ Surface Hub is also included.

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The business program isn’t just for large enterprises, either. “Small and medium-sized businesses that are currently enrolled in the Surface Membership program will now enjoy the same enterprise-grade services and support under the Surface Plus for Business plan,” the post said.

In terms of cost structure, devices can be financed over an 18, 24, or 30 month period. If businesses choose the 24-month term, they can upgrade their devices after 12 months. If businesses choose the 30-month period, they can upgrade after 18 months. The number of devices under the agreement can also change during the middle of the term as well, the post said.

Surface Plus for Business comes with the Microsoft Complete for Business extended service plan, and it also provides accidental damage protection. This could be a great asset for field service workers, or business travelers.

Office 365 for Business can be added to the agreement for an additional $8.25 per user, per month.

Consumers are only offered a 24-month payment plan, which comes with 0% APR, the post said. Upgrades can be made after 18 months in the consumer plan, and users will be offered service and support from Microsoft stores, with the options to opt-in to the Microsoft Complete extended service plan.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Microsoft’s new Surface Plus programs for consumers and businesses have flexible financing and additional support for Microsoft device customers.
  2. Financing is offered to businesses in different increments, with the option to upgrade devices during the tenure of the financing.
  3. Surface Plus for Business customers can also add Office 365 for Business for an additional $8.25 per user, per month.