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Virtual interviewing and assessment tech provider HireVue is partnering with Microsoft to enable hiring managers, team members and recruiters to engage with candidates in Teams and provide real-time feedback and facilitate faster hiring decisions.

The announcement was made this week at Microsoft Ignite 2020, Microsoft’s annual customer event.

Many employers continue to rely on virtual interviewing to fill jobs roles due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some 86% of organizations have adopted virtual interviewing as a way to support their distributed teams quickly, efficiently and safely.

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To do so, they need tools that enable easier collaboration between the recruiter and hiring manager, are fully integrated into their flow of work, and help companies fight bias through a more structured and consistent interview process.

From a candidate perspective, opportunities aren’t always equally accessible, and interviews aren’t always conducted in a fair and consistent way, HireVue said. HireVue Interviews for Teams aims to help companies fill openings with the best talent quickly and through a more structured interview process that provides a broader pool of candidates.

Additionally, recruiters can engage with candidates directly through Teams to help find the right candidates from a broad, geographically dispersed applicant pool, according to HireVue.

“HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams will empower Teams users to more swiftly and effectively fill job roles with the best candidates for the job,” said Kevin Parker, chair and CEO of HireVue, in a statement. The goal of the software is to “enable easier collaboration between the recruiter and hiring manager,” he added. It is “fully integrated into their flow of work and helps companies fight bias through a more structured and consistent interview process.”

The software promotes inclusion by evaluating all candidates fairly and consistently, the company said.

HireVue is also designed to enable hiring teams to more easily collaborate and capture and share notes during the interview from within Teams, the company said. Recruiters will also be able to review hiring recommendations from each team member at the end of the interview.

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“As our customers reimagine every aspect of work, Teams is a platform that integrates apps and workflows directly into the place work already gets done,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft, in a statement. “Virtual meetings have become an indispensable way for people to connect, and HireVue’s new integration for Teams will make the interview and hiring process even more effective for customers, as they can conduct these using Teams as the single hub.”

This news complements HireVue’s other recent additions to its hiring platform this year, including app-less interviewing and SMS scheduling, all of which aim to help to break down technology barriers, make the interview process more accessible, and help hiring teams recruit talent quickly and more easily, the company said.

To learn more about the integration, HireVue Interviews for Teams will be featured in a virtual session at Microsoft Ignite on Sept. 23. The customer event is underway through Thursday, Sept. 24.