Microsoft tries to get kids interested in programming

Microsoft releases a new programming language for kids, dubbed Kodu. More in this week's Roundup.

Weekly Roundup is early this week, because we'll be off on our company offsite tomorrow. So let's take a look at what made news this week.

Microsoft has introduced a new programming language for children interested in games development. Kodu was initially built to run on the Xbox, but is now available for PCs.

Mozilla is wrapping up work on Firefox 3.6, with the release candidate version now available and promising better overall performance. The final version is due out later this month, with an update, dubbed Lorentz, expected in March.

Following complaints from developers, Google has released the Nexus One SDK, Android version 2.1, but is calling it a "a minor platform release".

In feature articles this week we looked at open source headlines we'd like to see in 2010 and things you should never do in a consulting job.