Microsoft recently unveiled a single package roping in a number of Web services. The move is yet another move towards the adoption of the Web as a platform and faces competition from the similar services by Google and Yahoo.

A quote from the article at VNUnet:

Chris Jones, vice president of the Windows Live team said, “Together with our web services, we have a complete suite that combines the best of the web and the best of Windows, and works the way you want.”

The suite includes Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Messenger IM and a blogging application known as Windows Live Writer.

Also, the services will be tied to the Windows OS and be auto-updated as and when new features are available. The tight integration with Windows OS (PC World) is the move that syncs well with Microsoft’s business model, driving the Windows platform with the Web as a lever.

However, the services don’t seem to promise enough to lure first time movers ( So far there is no news of support for third party applications, something that will pit it as a more competitive product compared to the Google Pack (PC Pro).

When was the last time that Microsoft released a product that got rave reviews and captured the imagination of users? Silverlight had the punch but was drowned in the sea of Adobe’s Apollo, Google’s Gears, and Java FX. A competitive product needs to have killer distinctive features.

How do you think Microsoft’s offerings fare against Google Pack and Yahoo’s services?