The Redmond Giant and the Mountain View Goliath are fighting it neck-to-neck in the arena of book search. At the recent BookExpo America event in New York, Microsoft detailed on ramping up its book searching feature in its Live suite of Search tools (Live Search Books).

The new features include:

  • Option to search within books using specific keywords
  • Preview pane displaying a cover image, book summary, year of publication and table of contents
  • Links allowing readers to buy books from online retailers or publishers
  • Counter displaying number of pages left within the number of viewable pages

Here’s a text-snap from the article at PCMag:

“The move is yet another shot fired in the battle against Google, which also has a book search program. Both companies are looking to make money from their literary endeavors through Internet advertising.”

While it’s been only 7 months since the Live Book Search kicked off, Google’s Book Search is three years old and its latest strategy involves offering co-branded searching on publisher Web sites. Publishers can customize the search results to show their titles alone.

Google’s book search was highly criticized for making copyrighted material freely accessible via the book digitizing campaigns with major universities and libraries. Microsoft, on the other hand, is touting itself as the “friend” of publishers, making content viewable only after obtaining explicit permission from the publishers.

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So, with many publishers having signed up to both Live Search and Google Book search, it will be interesting to see how the battle for the dominance in the Digital Print media search unfolds. Will Google get its act together to woo major publishers, or is this finally a Microsoft victory in the search (though very limited) space? Join the discussion.