What do leisure suits, lounge lizards, vans, and virtualization have in common? Well, if you believe Microsoft and their recent pitch for their cloud computing solutions, more than you think. Their argument is that many virtualization solutions on the market are outdated and that technology has already left them in the distant past. Complete cloud computing solutions, like the ones offered by Microsoft, it is suggested, are what IT professionals should be thinking about now.

While I do believe the market for virtualization has moved well beyond the mere fact that systems can be virtualized, the real appeal for me in this video is the nostalgia. As someone who survived disco, mustaches, and other affectations from the 1970s, I can recognize the salesman character in this marketing pitch.

Is virtualization enough these days or has the industry moved beyond that? Are complete cloud services solutions the way to go?

(My thanks for the link go to François Amigorena.)

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