Microsoft has announced a date of October 22, 2009, for release of its newest operating system, Windows 7. Do you plan to upgrade? Take the poll.


With all the bad press — and bad experiences — with Windows Vista, the newest release of Microsoft’s operating system might be accepted a bit more favorably. As with all things, however, time will tell. Nonetheless, if what I’ve read from a couple of different sources is correct, the release date for Windows 7 will be October 22, 2009 — in plenty of time for your holiday shopping enjoyment (and spending).

My sources:

I upgraded to Vista from Windows 2000 Professional two years ago, having skipped XP all together, because the applications I was running necessitated the upgrade. As such, I won’t be upgrading to Windows 7 for at least a year after its initial release, with the exception of putting it on an isolated machine so I can better familiarize myself with it.

I would never recommend upgrading simply for the sake of it, but many organizations have been on Windows XP for seven or eight years, and, for a variety of reasons, they might be ready to take the plunge.

Take the poll. Will you be upgrading to Windows 7? And regardless of your answer, yes or no, explain why in the following discussion.