Microsoft's altruism just an illusion

Microsoft appeared to "get it" earlier this week, but it wasn't all that it seemed. Adobe and Oracle have been targeted by the security minded and the Windows 7 code has gone gold.

For a while there it seemed that Microsoft had finally "got it", with news that the Redmond giant was releasing the source code for Hyper-V drivers under the GPL. But alas, this was not some 180-degree turn on thinking, it was merely a compliance issue to resolve a violation of the GPL.

Adobe continues its bad run with security flaws, as researchers found a PDF flaw that exploited a vulnerability in Flash and dropped a trojan onto a user's computer.

Oracle is next to fall under the hackers' gaze as a tool for breaking into Oracle databases is set to be released at the Black Hat and Defcon hacker conference. One of the men behind the tools, Chris Gates, says that exploits used are not new and information about ways to mitigate the attacks has been public for some time.

The Windows 7 code went gold this week and is set to hit retail shelves on October 22nd. MSDN subscribers will be able to get their hands on it on August 6th.

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