I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition on my Compaq laptop, which works quite well now that I have drivers for the 802.11 wireless card. Today I noticed that Vista, well the Ultimate Edition at least, comes with an image snipping program. It is located in the accessories area of the start menu.snip101

I’ll say one thing for Microsoft, they haven’t found an application yet that will not put into their operating system. We use SnagIt here at TechRepublic for capturing screen images and it works great. Of course, it costs a few bucks and is developed by a company other than Microsoft. While the Vista snipping applet certainly does what it is supposed to do, it lacks some of the more advanced features of SnagIt. However, if you don’t have SnagIt then the snipping applet will do the trick.snip102

It’s amazing what you can find roaming around an operating system like Vista. This last image was created using the Snipping Tool.