Microsoft's new Sketch 360 app lets users design 360-degree VR scenes

The latest app from Microsoft Garage could help designers and other professionals create 360-degree drawings starting from a single point.

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On Tuesday, Microsoft Garage announced its latest design application: Sketch 360. This new Microsoft project is a drawing app that can create 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes from a single point looking out in all directions, according to the press release.

The purpose of Sketch 360 is to help design team ideas become reality, while making it easy to add in quick changes or alterations, said the release. With the app, designers can collaborate on 360 sketches to more efficiently communicate an idea to another developer or team member, nailing down different design plans before taking next steps.

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Featuring guided gridlines and dual ink/finished product interfaces, Sketch 360 could prove extremely valuable for architects, designers, and game creators--providing another example of VR's growing presence in the enterprise.

Here are some of Sketch 360's key features, as outlined in the release:

  • Trace along embedded, equirectangular gridlines designed for 360 degree scenes
  • See your design come to life with a side-by-side, dual interface
  • Create designs in a variety of thicknesses and in any of 30 colors, powered by Windows Ink
  • Use pen or touch to make your masterpiece, best on Surface with the Surface Pen
  • Adjust the settings for your preferred drawing experience including sketching on the right or left pane, changing gridline opacity and canvas color
  • Export your creations as JPEGs with 360 metadata that immersive experience sites like Facebook and Kuula enable or embed in full websites (HTML, CSS, JS, JPEG)
  • Tilt and rotate in senor-enabled devices
  • Import Sketch 360 files to edit and collaborate on a design
  • Work offline or on-the-go, works great on Surface Book 2 or Surface Go
  • Created with ease using Windows Ink APIs

The app, designed for Windows 10 devices, is now available in the Microsoft Store.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Microsoft Garage released its latest design app, Sketch 360, which allows users to create 360-degree scenes in virtual reality.
  • The app allows users to quickly make edits and communicate design ideas efficiently to a team.

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