Microsoft $3 suiteJust when open source alternatives to Microsoft start to pick up steam and capture the interest of (current and potential) PC users, a sweet deal is laid out on the table that many frugal software shoppers won’t be able to turn down. A recent story from CNET Networks’ explains how Microsoft plans to keep a strong hold on its throne as king in a Windows world. Read the entire story: “Microsoft aims to reach next billion PC users.”  

Here’s the lowdown:

“The software maker will offer the $3 Student Innovation Suite to governments that agree to directly purchase PCs for students to use in their schoolwork and at home. … The collection of software, which will start shipping in the second half of this year, includes Windows XP Starter Edition, Office Home and Student 2007, Windows Live Mail Desktop and several educational products. … Microsoft is hoping this program and others will help the company reach more of the 5 billion people who have yet to benefit from the PC revolution.”

For more information about the $3 Student Innovation Suite, check out these articles from other news sources:

Do you think that Microsoft will achieve its internal goal of reaching a billion new users by 2015? Or do you think that Microsoft will have to literally give their software to emerging markets and developing nations in order to compete with open source alternatives? Share your thoughts in this discussion. 


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