This week I’ll be stepping back into the official Builder AU team to cover the annual Microsoft Tech.Ed developer conference that is being held just down the road from the CNET Australia offices in Sydney.

This year it will be interesting for me to see what Microsoft are doing in the online space for Web developers. Microsoft have had a rather patchy past on delivering content over the Web on browsers or platforms that aren’t developed in Redmond.

It seems Microsoft are starting to get better but we’ll have to take a look at the finer details of what is going to be a truly cross platform solution. With the rise of browsers like Firefox companies like CNET Australia can’t afford to not have a Web site or build Web technologies that don’t work on non-Microsoft software.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look good so far. The Tech.Ed Web site is currently looking a bit funny in Firefox and the Web site where delegates can personalise their own Tech.Ed Meego character is currently displaying this message:

“We have detected that you are not using Internet Explorer 6 or above as your browser. You will need to install this to use the Meegos website.”

It looks like I’ll have to boot my Mac into Windows this week.