If you own an Android device, you probably already know that you can’t sync to Outlook without the help of third-party software. Of course, if you’re on Exchange, it’s not a problem. But for those using IMAP or POP3, just plugging that phone into your PC won’t do it. Fortunately, I found a fairly simple method for getting your Outlook contacts to your Android device.

This method requires your Android phone to be connected to a working Gmail account. Once that’s in place, you’re ready to take on the migration. Let’s get those contacts moved over.

Step 1: Export contacts from Outlook

Here’s how to export contacts in Outlook 2010 (adjust accordingly for the version you are using):

Figure AFigure A

You can export/import to and from various sources, but it’s crucial to select the right choice here or Google won’t be able to work with it.

Figure BFigure B

You can export anything you want, but the goal here is the Contacts.

Finally, name and find a location to save the exported file to, and click Finish.

Step 2: Import the contacts into Gmail

Figure CFigure C

Figure DFigure D

Sometimes the “hover” effect doesn’t work so well in Gmail, but this is the only way to get to the Import Contacts button.

After you click Import Contacts, a new window will appear. Select the Choose File button, locate the file exported from Outlook, and then click the Import button.

Step 3: Sync your phone

Now, all you have to do is run the sync on your mobile device. Each phone will handle this differently, but more than likely, all you need do is wait a moment and the device should auto-sync the new contacts. If not, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open up Contacts
  2. Click the menu button
  3. Tap Accounts
  4. Tap your Google account
  5. Click the menu button
  6. Tap Sync Now

That should do it. Your Outlook contacts should now be on your Android phone. Of course, if you make changes to your contacts in Outlook, those changes will not be reflected on your Android device. To see those changes, you’ll have to resync.