Here are the top ten things Dave and Mike miss most—aside from their loved ones, who are naturally number one.

  1. David: Filet mignon, baked potato, and fresh tossed salad with blue cheese dressing.
    Mike: That’s hard to beat, but a hot shower and shampoo.
  2. David: I’ll take the hot shower to clean the grease from my face.
  3. David: A full night’s sleep on my soft mattress, sans clothes.
    Mike: Another tough one to beat, but I’ll take oxygen—a lot of it, and in any form.
  4. David: Xena, Warrior Princes.
    Mike: I’ll put the mattress here. Nice, clean, soft. But not too soft.
  5. David: I guess clean clothes would be a good thing to add at this point.
    Mike: (Hmmm…Xena before clean clothes? What’s the deal?) A FOOT RUB.
  6. David: Mike, I’ve been in the field for almost a month. But if I have to add something else, how about iced tea.
    Mike: Good one. I miss working on my sci-fi novel. You haven’t heard work yet, have you? Don’t hold your breath.
  7. David: Funny, I thought I’d been working on my horror novel.
    Mike: Yep, it’s been sort of a Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Passage to India kinda thing. But I also miss…a burger. And after a really, really, good burger, you’re not going to believe this, but White Castle.
  8. David: To drink water where you don’t have to wait for the sediment to settle.
    Mike: Oooo. “Sediment.” And here I thought you had lost some brain tissue. I second that—good, clean, water—all you can drink.
  9. David: ICE CUBES. (And not the rap star.)
    Mike: Dessert. Flan, pie, cheesecake, whatever—pour it on.
  10. David: I’m wiping the drool from my chin, but I second that.
    Mike: And the last on my top ten list of most missed…(you still haven’t heard work, have you?) Reading. Reading anything I want from the library, the bookstore, my shelves, by lamplight, all clean and full of beef and dessert.

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David Bard has been a fixture at TechRepublic for some time now. At one time he was editor in chief of LinuxRepublic and then AdminRepublic. Currently, he occupies space as an editor in chief with TechProGuild. In addition, he’s a freelance writer who has covered extreme sports for years. He also is a writer of horror and—contrary to what his climbing partner may think—is hoping the expedition to Nepal doesn’t provide fodder for his next story. When he’s not at home teaching his year-and-a-half-old daughter why it’s not a good idea to eat rocks, or trying to convince his wife why yet another expedition really is necessary, he’s usually off in some remote section of woods trying to discover himself. He’s still looking.

Mike Jackman is an editor in chief of TechProGuild, an editor of PC Troubleshooter and Windows Support Professional, and also works as a freelance Web designer and consultant. Together with his co-editor in chief David Bard, he is traveling to Nepal to report on high-altitude technology and to climb 20,285-foot Imja Tse. In his spare time (when he can find some), Mike’s an avid devourer and writer of science fiction, parent to two perpetually adolescent cats, and a hiking enthusiast.