Millennial women value organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion, parental leave, vacation, women in leadership, equal pay, work culture, and education support most in the workplace, according to a Mogul report released on Thursday.

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The report, provided exclusively to TechRepublic, ranked the top 10 best companies in data and consulting for women in 2019. The rankings were based on activity from 30 million Mogul users, taking into account interest from non-employees, employees, and users on the platform. Along with the values of millennial women, the report also studied job demand and employee retention topics discussed on the site.

After studying 724,926 engagements with workplace profiles this month, the report identified the following 10 data and consulting companies as the best options for millennial women, as well as each one’s top benefits:

1. Accenture

Top benefits: Commitment to diversity; full health insurance; wellness benefits; paid time off (PTO); benefits for working parents; and flexible work hours

2. McAfee

Top benefits: Commitment to diversity and inclusion; retirement/pension programs; PTO; health insurance benefits; family leave programs; and flexible work hours

3. Alteryx

Top benefits: Commitment to diversity; full health insurance (for people and pets); wellness benefits; (PTO); benefits for working parents; tuition reimbursement; and company matched 401(k)

4. Datadog

Top benefits: 12 weeks fully paid maternity leave, and partial fertility treatment coverage; full health insurance; 401(k); adoption assistance; fitness reimbursement; mentor and buddy program; and financial advisory services

5. Bain & Company

Top benefits: Bain’s Global Women’s Leadership Council; full health insurance; transgender benefits; paid parental leave; family planning benefits; paid foster care leave; commitment to diversity and inclusion

6. Radware

Top benefits: short term and long term disability insurance; full health insurance; flexible spending account (medical/dependent care); PTO; and 401(k) match

7. Braze

Top benefits: commitment to diversity and inclusion; full health insurance; flexible PTO; 401(k) match; and tuition reimbursement

8. Peakon

Top benefits: full health insurance; unlimited PTO; 401(k) match; and parental allowance

9. Lastline

Top benefits: Ladies of Lastline Group; full health insurance; wellness incentives; and long and short term disability insurance

10. Karat

Top benefits: Commitment to diversity and inclusion; unlimited PTO; full health insurance; disability and life insurance; flexible spending account; and a remote work program

Mogul is also taking nominations for the best places for Gen Z to work.

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