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Although most programs install from a CD to your hard drive
and never require use again unless you add or remove program components or
perform a reinstall, CDs have a tendency to pile up. Also, some programs
(typically games) require you to insert the CD each time you want to use the

Virtual CD can help you tuck those CDs out of sight. Virtual CD creates copies of CDs on
your system’s hard disk and enables you to mount and unmount
these virtual CDs as if they were physical discs. This enables you to put away
the CDs and not touch them again unless you need to recreate the virtual CD. It
also offers the side benefit of creating a backup copy of the CD. This is a
great solution for situations where you don’t want CDs to be damaged by
careless users.

Virtual CD also simplifies the use of multiple CDs because
you can mount virtual CDs in multiple virtual drives at one time, making it
possible to have as many as 23 virtual drives available at one time. In addition,
Virtual CD also makes it easy to move CDs from one computer to another–just
move the virtual CD folders across the network to the new computer.

You can go
to the Virtual CD site
to download a trial version, purchase licenses, and
obtain related products for server and multi-user environments.