We understand your plight. Sometimes IT professionals have to roll the dice.

Remember the last time you had to reconfigure a non-Plug-and-Play device on the fly? Should a new peripheral receive IRQ 5? No, wait, that’s your Plug and Play sound card. Is IRQ 4 the answer? Not if you’re using your first serial port!

Mind your IRQs with TechRepublic’s interrupt checklist for Intel-based systems. We’ve built a handsome, handy checklist you can download for free and print out for future reference.

No longer do you have to scratch your head and wait through lengthy reboots, trying to guess at the proper IRQs for a device. Just check our IRQs At-A-Glance.

You can download TechRepublic’s IRQs At-A-Glance here .

Rest easy. Erik Eckel, MCP+I, MCSE, knows his IRQs. He passed the Networking Essentials exam more than a year ago.

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