While a mind-mapping application might sound to some like a brainstorming tool only creatives might require, most every organization can improve planning and operations when employing software that assists converting ideas and concepts to actionable strategies and plans that can be shared and updated. Several new features introduced in Mindjet’s MindManager 12 for Mac make it even easier to develop ideas, convert concepts to action plans, and improve team communication and alignment.

Common office applications–including those for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations–fall short when trying to create process maps, charts, timelines, scorecards, and other common professional diagrams, especially those that permit capturing ideas and concepts and converting such elements into actionable tools for confirming strategy, assigning responsibilities, setting deadlines, tracking progress, and maintaining team communication. Specialized software fills this niche and speeds the process.

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MindManager for Mac was already a potent program capable of drafting, producing, and sharing diagrams. Using the application, users can create a range of documents using a variety of templates, including radial maps, tree maps, organizational charts, flowcharts, timelines, Venn Diagrams, concept maps, funnel diagrams, onion diagrams, project management charters and plans, scorecards, SWOT analyses, and more.

New features introduced in version 12 further extend MindManager’s usefulness. SmartRules extends conditional formatting capabilities to automate data updates, thereby reducing the number of repetitive tasks required to produce and maintain map diagrams. New Objects and some 12 new Smart Shapes help direct attention to specific components and build consensus around complex information presented in a way everyone can make sense of the data.

A new Match Width feature permits adjusting focus to ensure presentations are more readily understandable, not to mention interesting. Users can adjust the topic width manually or via a single click, while applying changes to individual topics or entire maps, as needed.

Recording and converting whiteboard concepts and ideas to actionable plans, by visually capturing, expanding, and reordering ideas, notes, and information, is only half the battle; process maps, diagrams, and plans typically must be shared with others to prove truly effective. New HTML5 and Publish capabilities further extend MindManager 12’s usefulness by simplifying the sharing of files, the creation of direct links, and encouraging and supporting feedback and conversation.

New Dark Mode support (Figure A) and Touch Bar integration ensure Mac users can use and operate the program in manners they prefer and are accustomed. Some 40 new visual presentation themes provide more variety when creating or updating maps, diagrams, presentations, and other files, while new mapping and diagramming tools support converting XMind and FreeMind maps to MindManager files. Such files can now be imported directly into MindManager to further speed production and editing.

Figure A

If you need to better manage assigned tasks and your time, consider employing MindManager to keep action items and corresponding supporting material organized, visible, and adaptable. With support for deadlines, links, notes, and other information, as well as the ability to re-prioritize tasks using simple drag-and-drop movements, the program might be a timely solution for challenges professionals face in the workplace.

And, if you need to build and maintain team alignment, especially when completing complex projects with multiple milestones and ever-changing requirements, leverage MindManager’s ability to build dynamic diagrams that can continually be edited and updated.

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Try MindManager 12 for Mac

Whether you must create project charters or workflows and add due dates or track assigned resources while also publishing real-time updates to improve team communication, all while maintaining awareness of the overall goal without losing track of important details, give MindManager 12 for Mac a try.

The system requirements should pose no worries: macOS 10.3 High Sierra or newer, 250MB free disk space, and 1024×768 display resolution.

Free 30-day trials are available. If you choose to license the software, the price is $179. Enterprise licensing is available. MindManager 10 and 11 for Mac users are eligible for an upgrade license, which runs $89.