kicked off today with a series of mini conferences covering the topics of Debian, GNOME, education, embedded, virtualisation, MySQL and Research.

Taking it Easy

With the event just warming up, some people eased into the programme.

Distro Couches – Fedora

A definite highlight was seeing the couches that were coloured according to the main Linux distributions. Behold a Fedora:

Distro Couches – Debian

Of course Debian was there:

Distro Couches – openSuSE

The fact that some furniture is made in SuSE green is interesting:

Distro Couches – Ubuntu

How could the flavour of the month be forgotten? (We mean the sofa, not the Perl programmer on it)

Distro Couches – Gentoo

A Gentoo user demands to make their own distro, so therefore you have to start with just a box.

Distro Couches – Gentoo

And get to building it! Hope that they have their USE variables and CFLAGS set cautiously.

Distro Couches – Gentoo

After leaving the chair to “compile” itself for a few hours, it’s all done!

Distro Couches – Gentoo

Just like Gentoo, it may take a while to build, but when you get there it rocks!


This little beauty just broke the Coast to Coast record between Perth and Sydney for a solar car. The old record was 8.5 days and the Sunswift did it 5.5 days! It will be at the LCA Open Day on Thursday from 3pm.


It can seat two people. But where?


With this many geeks in one spot there has to be at least one sci-fi reference