Mini-conferences continued to be the order of the day with Debian, GNOME, Education, Gaming, Kernel, PostgreSQL, and Linuxchix being the topics on offer

Over 50 women, one room

Builder AU covered the Linuxchix mini-conference previously and we are glad to say that it met all expectations.

Dudes can attend also

Notice the males speckled throughout the attendees? It’s great to see such an important topic getting the recognition it deserves from all members of the community.

Licensing Panel

One of the more thought provoking sessions of the day was FOSS Licensing. Kimberlee Weatherall, Rusty Russell (pictured) and Brendan Scott answered quite a few questions and showed that copyright and IP issues are even more complex previously thought — almost makes you glad we have lawyers.

Home-Made Segway

A talk that will demand attention tomorrow will be Geoffrey Bennett’s on his “Open-Source Segway”. Talk begins at 4:50.

The Judges scored the dismount as a six!

Getting off the “Open-Source Segway” can be interesting.

It’s really home-made ma!

In case there was any doubt that this is a hobby project, check out the undercarriage. That says “Made in Australia” to me!

A bit of “culture” or confusing the Yanks?

Sydney, summertime, open space! How could there not be a cricket match to view over lunch. Marvellous block too!