Have you ever needed to lookup

something for Oracle 8.1.7 and couldn’t find the documentation? Ever

want to compare features between two Oracle versions? Go to Tahiti!

Not the island. Well, you can still go to the island but I’m not sure how much documentation they have. I mean http://tahiti.oracle.com/. The Oracle Documentation site.

Sure, you can get the documentation at otn.oracle.com. Trust me, I spend a LOT of time at OTN. But sometimes I just want to jump right into the docs.

Tahiti does that! It has database docs from 8.1.7, 9, 9.2, 10.1, 10XE and 10.2 It also has application server and collaboration suite docs.

At the very bottom the page is a link that takes you to the OTN page for documentation. You can get 8.0 and 7.3 and other non-terminal release documentation.


links are great when you’re at a client site or a co-worker’s desk who

hasn’t already downloaded all of the documentation. You do download it

right? 😉

Take care,