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Missed a few articles? Check out July's top five

If you didn't get a chance to check out all of the articles we published last month, we've got you covered. These are the five most read articles on IT Consultant Republic for July.

IT Consultant Republic published more than 50 articles on technology, management, and career topics in July. Even avid TechRepublic readers could have missed an article or a helpful download. But we’re making it easy for you to catch up. Here’s a rundown of the top five articles according to page views in IT Consultant Republic for July:
  1. If your resumes haven’t been landing you new engagements, perhaps you aren’t emphasizing the two things that employers want to see: the results you produce and the employer’s needs. “Avoid the resume trap: Make your resume relevant” offers examples of what you can highlight to get yourself noticed.
  2. A service level agreement is commonly used to help establish a contractor’s obligations to a client or to nail down how an in-house IT staff will address a department’s needs. Before you put your SLA in writing, read “Want to derail your SLA? Make these five mistakes” so that your planning doesn’t go to waste.
  3. In a crowded field, what can consultants do to ensure that the world knows what services they offer? “Marketing your services as a consultant” offers some advice on getting the word out.
  4. What good is it if your top-notch work is met with an unpaid invoice? Like everyone else, you have to pay the bills. But how do you work with a client to collect your fees? “Collect on unpaid invoices and keep the client” offers five tactics to get the money you’ve earned.
  5. Sometimes, finding a new opportunity means putting your billable rate aside and concentrating on a technological solution. That’s what one consultant did in “Well-chosen free work can lead to paid contracts.” Be sure to check out the accompanying discussion featuring members’ comments on this approach.

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