Going mobile is truly the way of the future. In order to make some ground in the mobile market, Microsoft recently announced its mobile-dedicated server solution, called the Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008. See the article on E-Commerce Times: “Microsoft Eyes Enterprise With New Mobile Server.”

According to the article:

The Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 is a new mobile-dedicated server solution that helps companies manage Windows Mobile phones much the way they do Windows-based laptops and PCs. The technology allows companies to deliver new applications to phones over the air as well as connect people via virtual private network with security-enhanced access to critical data, the company said.

Microsoft also announced “a strategic alliance with Enterprise Mobile, which will build, deploy and manage custom-made solutions that will work with a variety of mobile operators and phone manufacturers.” Watch out BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft’s new enterprise mobile offering may give you a little competition! Why is that? “In its hosted version of Exchange e-mail, for example, Microsoft said it will support BlackBerry devices.”

I was talking to blogger Paul Mah about this news, and he thinks that the best thing about Microsoft’s new mobile solution is that you can configure your mobile device over the air. If you lose your BlackBerry while you’re on a business trip, just buy a new one, call your IT department, give them the ID of your new BlackBerry, and then they can activate it and install all of the software remotely.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to steal market share away from RIM? What mobile solution do you currently use in your enterprise?


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