On the one hand, you have what is really just an average, everyday eBay auction. On the other, you have a treatise on the demise of the greatest sci-fi movie franchise ever. That’s what I call multitasking.

A disgruntled Star Wars fanboy is selling “the last morsels of respect I have for the once all-powerful, formally infallible bearded wonder” — which is to say George Lucas. That respect takes the form of a standard Darth Maul action figure, but this disillusioned uber-nerd makes a great case that you’re bidding on far more than just an oversold collectible.

“I’ve made so many excuses for George in the past – even to the point of suggesting that Jar Jar would be bearable if he spoke in an alien language with subtitles – but after witnessing the CGI monkeys and gophers in Indiana Jones and the UFOs, I’ve got nothing left for him (except for what this Darth Maul represents).”

So how much can one get for the last vestiges of childhood admiration? $23.00 plus shipping. It’s more than I would pay.

(Found via Geekologie via Great White Snark via SF Signal.)