If you’re like me, it seems as though your mobile devices run out of power at the most inopportune moments. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help you to get the most out of your device’s available battery power.

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1: Battery Life Magic

Battery Life Magic (Figure A) is a simple iOS app that provides you with estimates of how much time you can spend performing various functions before your battery dies. The amount of time left is displayed for talking (2G and 3G / 4G), standby, data (WiFi, 3G /4G/LTE), audio playback, video playback, using apps, FaceTime/YouTube, Games (2D and 3D), GPS navigation, taking photos, and recording videos. The app also gives you some handy hints for getting the most from your battery.

Figure A

Battery Life Magic is available free for iOS.

2: Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor (Figure B) is more than just a battery status utility. Sure, it tells you how much power you have left — but it also gives you lots of other helpful information, such as how much memory and storage are available. Battery Doctor also estimates how much time you can spend playing music and videos based on your current charge, as well as estimates for playing 2D and 3D games, reading, GPS navigation, video chat, taking photos, recording videos, and using your device as a flashlight. It even tells you how long it will take to charge your device.

Figure B

Battery Doctor is available free for iOS and Android.

3: Battery HD+

Battery HD+ (Figure C) also estimates how long you can spend on various tasks before your battery dies. The estimates are basically the same as those provided by the Battery Life Magic and Batter Doctor (music, video, games, reading, navigation, video chat, photos, video recording, and flashlight). What distinguishes this app is its adjustable slide bar, which you can use to adjust the estimates if you find that they are not accurate for your device.

Figure C

Battery HD+ is available for free for iOS. A Pro version is available on Android for $3.99. A Windows Phone version called Battery is available for free.

4: Battery Power Free

Battery Power Free (Figure D) does basically what the previous apps do. But there are a couple of special things about this app.

Figure D

For starters, it lets you sort the status list based on runtime. Even better, it provides detailed instructions for maximizing your battery life.

Battery Power Free is available for free on iOS.

5: Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro (Figure E) is a free app for Windows Phone. Although the name is similar to the Battery Doctor app previously discussed, this is a completely different app from a different publisher.

Figure E

This app provides usage time estimates similar to the other apps on this list (standby, calls, data, Bluetooth, music, video, games, etc.). But what makes this app unique is that it maintains historic data that shows charging times, average charging rate, average usage rate, and current usage rate. You can track this information over time to get a better feel for how your battery power is really being used.

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