The Performance console in the
Administrative Tools folder offers one means for monitoring system performance.
The Performance console shows all counters in a single, combined graph. If you
would like to view specific counters in separate windows instead, you can use
the Perf Meter included in the Windows 2000 Resource

To start Perf
Meter, open the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools help file and locate Wperf.exe
under the Performance Tools branch. Then, click Wperf.exe in the left panel,
and click Run Perf Monitor now in the right panel.
Or, simply open Wperf.exe from its installed location.

To add counters, double-click
anywhere on the Perf Meter window to display the menu
bar, then click Select in the menu to open the Wperf
Options Selection dialog box. Place a check beside each item you want to
monitor. Choose a graph style, then specify which CPU(s) you want to monitor.
You can also choose to show CPU total utilization. When you’re satisfied with
your selections, click OK. If you can’t see the counter names or status under
each graph, drag the window corner to make it larger. Double-clicking anywhere
in the window toggles the menu display on or off.

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