Moonlight 1.0 released

In this week's Roundup we take a look at Moonlight 1.0, Microsoft's My Phone, Google Sync and more.

In the world of open source, Moonlight 1.0 -- the open source version of Microsoft's Silverlight -- has been released and the founder of OLPC announced that the organisation will make the hardware design of its laptops open source, encouraging others to follow suit.

Also this week, Microsoft prematurely revealed plans for a new cloud service called My Phone, for syncing information between Windows Mobile phones and the web.

If you don't feel like waiting for My Phone to come out, Google has also introduced a free syncing service called Google Sync, currently in beta. The new service enables syncing of calendar and contact information between your Google Account and your phone. The technology was made possible through the licensing of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol and is compatible with a variety of phones including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones.

In technical articles, we showed you how to build an image map using CSS; how to get started with the open-source security tool, OSSEC; and why C# developers look down on VB.NET.

Finally, could Windows 7 pass for KDE 4? Some people seem to think so.
Other stories we covered during the week are listed below.

-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic