…And we’re back. If you’re just joining me here, you’ll probably want to check out “Builder.com Readers’ Choice Awards: The winners” to find out the winners of our awards for Best Java Application Server, Best Java IDE,andBest Linux Development Tool. After you’re finished, come back here and we’ll run down the rest of the winners.

Best Mobile Development Tool: Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools
I’ve got to admit that the winner here surprised me. Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools finished with 27 percent of the final vote to win a Builder.com Readers’ Choice Award for Best Mobile Development Tool. Rounding out the top three in this category were CodeWarrior Palm Edition/Wireless Studio (7.49 percent) and PocketStudio (4.44 percent). I should point out that 15.5 percent of participants voted for “Other”—the highest “other” contingent of any of our categories—so the mobile development space is obviously pretty fragmented.


Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools

Microsoft, free
Versions available for Visual Basic and C++ developers.
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First runner-up: CodeWarrior Palm Edition/Wireless Studio,
Second runner-up: PocketStudio,
Pocket Technologies, Inc.

Best Mobile Development Tool results

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Best Modeling Tool: Microsoft Visio 2002
Our Best Modeling Tool award was a close race: Only 22 votes separated the winner (Visio 2002, 30.3 percent) from the runner-up (Rational Rose, 25.3 percent). These two products combined to dominate the category, leaving ERwin to finish a distant third with 8 percent of the final tally.

Visio 2002

Microsoft, $199
Streamlined database and software diagramming, and enhanced support for Microsoft development tools.

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First runner-up: Rational Rose,
Second runner-up: ERwin

Best Modeling Tool results

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Best Web Development Tool: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Our Best Web Development Tool category turned out to be another close race, but Macromedia Dreamweaver MX takes home the award with 31.6 percent of the final vote. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET finished as first runner-up with 23.2 percent, while another Macromedia product, ColdFusion, finished with a third-best 8 percent. That makes Macromedia the only vendor to finish with more than one product in the top three of an award category. I guess they really are changing the way developers use the Web.

Macromedia Dreamweaver, $399
Single environment for quickly creating, building, and managing Web sites and Internet applications.

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First runner-up: Visual Studio.NET,
Second runner-up: ColdFusion,

Best Web Development Tool results

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Best Windows Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
The Best Windows Development Tool category held another mild surprise for me. Visual Studio.NET won the Best Windows Development Tool award by only nine votes, with 21.8 percent of the total. Runner-up Borland Delphi finished with 20.4 percent of the final tally. Now, here’s the surprising part: A product by the name of PowerBASIC that I’d honestly never heard of before a few weeks ago, finished with 17.4 percent of the votes, good enough for second runner-up. Congratulations to the folks at Powerbasic.com for getting out the vote.

Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, $399
Rapidly build Windows applications, XML Web Services, and Web applications in multiple languages.

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First runner-up: Delphi

6, Borland
Second runner-up: PowerBASIC,
PowerBASIC, Inc.

Best Windows Development Tool results

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The final tally
In case you happen to be keeping score at home, here’s how the individual vendors fared:

  • Microsoft tops the list of winners by earning three Builder.com Readers’ Choice awards and placing second in a fourth category.
  • Borland had an overall strong showing, taking home two awards and placing products in the top three in three other categories.
  • Macromedia is the only vendor to have two products finish in the top three in the same category.
  • Metrowerks placed in the top three in two categories.
  • IBM, Sun, and Oracle each had a product appear in the top three in a category.

That wrapped things up for the 2002 Builder.com Readers’ Choice Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!